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  1. In Britain you can drive car when you are 17 years old.
  2. Have you lived in London for a long time?
  3. “Do you drink green tea?”  ”Yes! Every morning”.
  4. I am very pleased to hear that you pass the exams.
  5. How long have you playing chess? “Since 1998”.
  6. Printing was invented in ancient China.
  7. I had stopped at the traffic lights because they were red.
  8. That’s the man whose wife is a doctor.
  9. Both boys’ faces were red with embarrassment.
  10. You look very tired! What have you done?
  11. I was really depressed after I watched the film.
  12. She won the race although all the others being professional athletes.
  13. We arrived at the cinema late. The film was already started.
  14. It’s Sunday and so I don’t have to go to work.
  15. If I know, I would have told you.
  16. Tom and Sue broke up last May. Now she’s getting married to Andrew.
  17. It’s OK. I remembered to bring the tickets . Here they are.
  18. They are great friends but they don’t meat themselves very often.
  19. I wish I studied computing at school when I was younger.
  20. You look hungry! Would you like some tea and cake?
  21. I took my car to garage yesterday because it made strange noises.
  22. There is too much traffic on the roads of New York.
  23. Andrew bought Susan a few roses.
  24. Because of the bad economic station, 200 workers have been made redundant last month.
  25. You mustn’t take photographs inside the Church.
  26. When I was a boy I would live in Sydney.

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