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Destination b1 Unit 10

A  The words and phrases in bold in each sentence are wrong. Write the correct word or phrase.

  1. Given
  2. Delivered
  3. Told
  4. Didn’t
  5. Was your money stolen
  6. Haven’t been
  7. Had
  8. Will I be


  1. When people are arrested, they are taken to the police station.
  2. Milk is usually kept in the fridge.
  3. Have we been told what’s in the next week’s test?
  4. How did people communicate over long distances before the phone was invented?
  5. Are you allowed to come to the party next Saturday?
  6. You will be given your exam results next Monday.
  7. Was Aidan’s bike found yesterday?


  1. At ten o’clock yesterday morning, the local bank in the high street was robbed
  2. At one minute past ten, the police was called.
  3. A few minutes later, the police arrived at the bank. The crime scene has been investigated.
  4. At twenty past ten, the robber’s fingerprints are found.
  5. At half past eleven, the robbers were caught.
  6. Next week, they were sent to prison.


  1. They are fixed in the garages.
  2. They will be held in Japan.
  3.  They are usually awarded to famous actors.
  4. I’m not allowed to eat in classroom
  5. I was given many gifts.
  6. I’ll probably be given clothes and books.


  1. Will the letters be sent first class?
    1. I’m not sure if pizza is eaten in China.
      1. Someone told me that cars are not made in the UK anymore.
      1. Are animals are fed three times a day?
      1. Mr. Jones is ill, so we will not be given a geography test today!
      1. Was she taken to hospital in an ambulance?


There are lots of beautiful, large houses in Britain. Many of them were built hundreds of years ago. In the  past, they were owned by very rich families. Today many of them are owned by an organization called The National Trust, which has been created to look after them. The houses are kept in perfect condition, and visitors are allowed to look round them. It’s interesting to learn how different life was in an old house.  Milk wasn’t kept in the fridge, because they didn’t have fridges! Washing machines have been only invented very recently, so washing was done by hand. In some cases, the house are still lived in today. When this happens, visitors are only shown part of the house. The private rooms are kept closed to the public. These houses often have beautiful gardens, too. The gardens are looked after by professional gardeners.

You usually have to pay to look round National Trust houses. Members of the National Trust are given a discount. This year millions of people will be given the chance to see what life in an old country house was like.

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