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  1. The Oscars are very important award ceremony in the film industry.
  2. The host wasn’t as funny as the guy who did it last year.
  3. The ceremony was a lot longer.
  4. The best actor’s speech was the worst I can remember.
  5. However, I think the actors were dressed more beautiful than usual.
  6. Apparently one actress was wearing the most expensive dress in the world.


  1. Yesterday wasn’t as hot as today.
  2. That was the most boring film in my life.
  3. I don’t know anyone as kind as she is.
  4. I don’t remember things as easily as I did when I was younger.
  5. Steve plays tennis as well as Martin does.
  6. There isn’t a car as expensive as this.

Sequencing Words                            

  1. After
  2. Then
  3. Finally
  4. At first
  1. At first we though we’d never get out. The door just wouldn’t open.
  2. After five minutes of kicking the door, we were exhausted.
  3. Then Dad found the key in his pocket.
  4. Finally we got the door open.
  1. Sue asked Jill that what is the matter.
  2. Jill said that can’t find her key.
  3. Sue told Jill to check inside her pocket.
  4. Jill said that she already done that.
  5. Sue asked Jill that had she checked the door.
  6. Jill asked Sue that why she want Jill to do that.
  7. Sue said that that’s where she always leave them.

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