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Destination ex. A-C Unit 11

  1. The carnival lorry is being driven by a clown.
  2. The lorry has been decorated with lots of flowers.
  3. The gorilla has been given a banana by the pirate.
  4. Everyone watching is going to be given a balloon by the astronaut.
  5. The best song might be sung by the cowboy.
  6. Have the costumes been bought from a fancy dress-shop?
  1. The balloons had all been blown up before the carnival started.
  2. The bananas haven’t all eaten yet.
  3. The lorry isn’t being driven by the gorilla.
  4. A young boy has just taken a balloon from the astronaut.
  5. A prize is going to be given to the person in the best fancy dress.
  6. The prize might not be awarded to the clown.
  7. Has the lorry been decorated well?
  8. Can songs be sung with people in the crowd too?
  1. That book was written by my uncle!
  2. Are the best photos usually taken with digital cameras?
  3. That song has been sung by lots of famous singers.
  4. Is your hair cut by a professional hairdresser?
  5. Should the paper be cut with a pair of scissors?
  6. All the candles had been lit by the same match.
  7. The film isn’t going to be directed by Steven Spielberg after all.

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