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Workbook p. 10


  1. I always do my homework when I get home from school . PS
  2. Liam hasn’t been doing well at school for a few months. PPC
  3. My sister ‘s always talking on her phone. PC
  4. They’ve been thinking about buying a new house for more than a year now. PPC
  5. Jim’s forgotten to do his homework again. PS
  6. Steve doesn’t want to go to university next year. PS
  7. It’s the last week of term so we’re not doing very much at school. PPS


  1. No, he’s not busy. He’s playing cards on the computer.
  2. I’m writing my party invitations. Who should I invite?
  3. Most people don’t write letters, just emails.
  4. I’ve been writing all morning. My hand’s tired.
  5. My cousin usually plays tennis twice a day. He loves it.
  6. I haven’t written to thank my aunt for my present yet. I must do it tonight.
  7. We’ve played all of these games. Have you got any others?
  8. She’s not very good at the piano. She hasn’t been playing for very long.


We do/re doing some really important exams at school over the next few weeks so I spend/ m spending most of my free time studying for them at the moment. Normally the two things I like / ‘m liking most in life are T V and computer games but I don’t watch / ‘m not watching any TV and don’t play / ‘m not playing computer games while the exams are on. I usually help/am helping my dad in the shop at the weekends. He doesn’t pay/ isn’t paying me a lot but I like / ‘m liking getting the money. I don’t work / ‘m not working there for a while. I need / ‘m needing the time for revision.


  1. I am. I didn’t sleep very well lately.
  2. Have you finished your homework?
  3. I don’t know. I’ve not seen him for a few hours.
  4. You’re dirty. What are you doing?


Jules: I’ve not seen her for weeks.

Dan: No, but she has text me most days.

Jules: So what is she doing these days?

Dan: Well, she was training really hard for the past month.

Jules: Training? For what?

Dan: She wants to be a professional footballer. Chelsea football club has invited her to train with them. She starts with them on Monday.

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