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Christmas shopping in England

Most people, however, spend their money   –  after  before  on   Christmas. “Christmas shopping” is different   –  from  to  of  ordinary shopping, and people like to do it differently. They go   –  to  in  through  different shops, or different online stores, more expensive shops very often. They don’t just buy food   –  for  to  from  their supermarket and clothes   –  in  to  by  big department stores. They look   –  at  round  through  , they take time (if they can), and they choose.
    City shops do their best to attract them   –  into  in  with  exciting windows, and special offers.      –  At  In  To  the West End of London, shops spend thousands   –  to  of  for  pounds   –  to  on  of  lights, decorations, and special window displays. ……
      –  With  To  For  shop assistants, it is a frantic season . There is not much time   –  to  of  at  rest. Just time   –  to  for  of  a cup of coffee or tea perhaps, then back   –  at  in  to  work. It’s a good season   –  of  for  to  pay! As Christmas gets nearer, shops stay open longer, sometimes   –  until  before  at  10 p.m. That means more pay   –  of  to  for  the staff. …..,   –  through  in  for    a few weeks at least.

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