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Workbook p. 33


  1. You should wear something warmer.
  2. He shouldn’t be so shy.
  3. I must buy a hairbrush.
  4. I shouldn’t go to bed so late.
  5. We ought to ask someone.
  6. We must go and see it.


1 It’s a holiday tomorrow. We have to/don’t have to go to school.

2 Well, it’s your party. You have to / don’t have to invite people you don’t like.

3 Coffee isn’t free here. You have to /don’t have to pay for it.

4 Just your surname is O K. You have to / don’t have to write your full name.

5 Well, those are the rules – you have to / don’t have to be sixteen to be allowed in.


TOM: Why do I have to go to bed now? Sally doesn’t have to, and she’s only two years older than me.

DAD: That’s right. But Sally has to get up at seven o’clock to go to school. You do.

TOM: Only because you say so. It only takes me fifteen minutes to get dressed and have breakfast.

MUM: But you have to have a shower too, remember.

TOM: OK, twenty minutes. But I have to leave the house until 7.50. So, I could get up at 7.30. And so, I don’t have to go to bed now.

MUM: All right, but remember-it’s me who have to deal with you when you’re tired and irritable in the morning!

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