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The Internet in my life. The advantages and disadvantages of Media education.

Internet plays an important role in our life. 50 years ago people couldn’t imagine that they can get any information that they want for 2 clicks. With the help of internet you can talk with the other people from any side of the planet. You can play games, watch many videos and films. But the internet has a disanvatages too. It harms eyes, and many people have a illness from this. There are many viruses that can harm your computer, even destroy it. It is very dangerous to keep money in internet, because there are many sharpers and thieves. They can stole your money from virtual wallet, or hack your internet-account. But if you have media education, you manage the internet and know how to use the computer and the internet.
In our time when it’s quarantine, students are studying online.
I think everyone needs to study media education, because in our time it is very important.

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