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“Think 3” Page 4

  1. Complete the conversation with the words. Then listen and check.

LISA Hey, Kim, what are you looking at?

KIM My Science book. Can’t you see I’m busy?

 LISA I’m just asking. Sorry.

 KIM No, I’m sorry. I don’t  feel great today.

 LISA You don’t look very happy. What’s the matter?

 KIM My dad makes me so cross .

LISA That doesn’t sound so good. Why?

 KIM He says I’m not allowed to be in the band.

 LISA What?! So he won’t allow you to play in the talent show  next week?

KIM No. He says no music until after my exams.

LISA But they don’t finish for four weeks!

KIM I know. He wants me to study and forget about writing. He won’t even let me practise the guitar.

LISA But you need some time to relax.

KIM I know. I feel so angry when I think about it. It just isn’t fair.

  • Complete the mini-dialogues with the correct forms of the verbs.

1 taste

A What are you doing?

В I am tasting the soup It tastes great.

2 smell

 A My socks smell really bad!

В Then why are you smelling them?

3 feel

A Why are you feeling that jumper? В Because it’s so soft. I like the way it feels

Page 5

Complete the sentences. Use the present perfect simple or continuous form of the verbs and circle the correct words.

1 They have been playing for  87 minutes and neither side has scored yet. I still have not watched the final, so please don’t tell me which singer won. Have you seen last night’s show yet? Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga were guests. The children have been sitting in front of the TV watching SpongeBob since they got up. It’s the funniest programme on TV. I have not missed an episode yet. The Prime Minister has said the same thing for weeks now. No one believes him.

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