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Destination b1 Unit 2


  1. Ted was playing his guitar at half past seven.
  2. At midnight I was sleeping, but Jane was listening to music.
  3. Luke was standing outside the bank when suddenly two robbers ran past him.
  4. I know Doug was working late at the office because I saw him when I was leaving.
  5.  Did you had a shower when the earthquake happened?
  6. Penny was running to catch the bus when she slipped and fell.
  7. When you saw Eugene did he went home?
  8. At midnight? Erm… we were watching a DVD, I think.


  1. When we were in Canada, we were going skiing every day.
  2. About four years ago, I decided to become a chief.
  3. Georgia was having a shower when someone knocked at the door.
  4. Holly and I ran from the house to the taxi because It was raining heavily.
  5. Two men were arguing outside, so I went to see what was happening.
  6. Daniel was calling you at one o’clock yesterday, but you were here with me.
  7. We were eating breakfast when a letter came through the letter box.
  8. As I walked past the window, I saw that Paula was making a cake.
  9. I was dreaming about my favourite band when the alarm clock went off.
  10. While I was practicing the trumpet late last night, a neighbour came to complain.


One morning, Amber woke up early. The sun was shining and the birds were singing.

Amber was very excited because it was the day of the big tennis match.

Amber went downstairs and into the kitchen, where her father was having breakfast .

‘Morning, Amber. Today’s the day!’ he said. Amber smiled nervously. ‘Don’t worry!’ he said. ’You’ll be fine’.

Amber put some toast into the toaster and put into the fridge. Just as she get the butter out, the phone rang. Her father answered it. After a few minutes, he put the phone down.

‘Bad news, I’m afraid. The other player was practicing yesterday when she had an accident. The match is off.’

Amber ate her toast slowly. She was surprised she didn’t feel disappointed.


  1. When I was younger, I used to eat pizza almost every day!
  2. Did there use to be a supermarket on the corner?
  3. Bradley is a teacher, but he was used to be a train driver.
  4. I didn’t use to like eating cabbage, but now I love it!
  5. Did Rick used to have blond hair when he was a little boy?
  6. I know Lily used to cook much, but now I think she makes dinner every day.

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