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English student’s book

p. 15


1 We’ll go / We’re going to the beach this Friday. Do you want to come? 2 I don’t think I’ll finish / I’m finishing this homework. 3 I won’t go / I’m not going to university this year. I want to take a year off. 4 I’ve got an appointment with the dentist tomorrow. I’m seeing / I’ll see her at 10 am. 5 Daisy’s learning to fly. She’ll be / She’s going to be a pilot. 6 I’m not eating / going to eat chocolate. That’s my resolution for next year. 7 Argentina will win / are winning the next World Cup. That’s what I think. 8 We’re flying / We will fly on Friday. I’m so excited.


A good friend …

always tells you what they’re thinking,

never criticises you.

always listens when you have a problem.

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