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English Destination Unit 3

p. 14


  1. You should take up a sport and then you would get more exercise.
  2. I’m trying to work! Could you please turn your music down?
  3. Just ask and I’m sure the other children will let you join in.
  4. The referee sent David off for arguing with him.
  5.  This is my favourite song! Turn it up!
  6. A mobile phone rang, but musician just carried on playing.
  7. We can’t afford to eat up very often.
  8. I’ve decided to become a vegetarian and give off meat.


  1. We were waiting outside the stadium for a long time before they finally let us in.
  2. I’ve got that concert in DVD-it’s fantastic!
  3. I ran all the way home and I was just at time for my favourite programme.
  4. Everyone clapped when the singer came on the stage.
  5. At the cinema, Mum sat on the right, Dad sat on the left and I sat om the middle.
  6. Ed doesn’t want to become a professional footballer. He just does it for fun.


  1. What’s the name of that song you were singing earlier?
  2. I started to learn the piano, but I don’t think I’ve much musical talent, to be honest.
  3. My Dad used to be really fit and was on his college athletic team.
  4. When you were young, did you ever played in the street with other local children?
  5. Alan is studying to be an actor, but I don’t think he’s enjoying it.
  6. They have a wonderful collection of old toys at the museum in town.
  7. My grandad loves to sailing and we often go out on his boat.
  8. You have to practice a lot if you want to work as a musician.

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