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English Workbook

Workbook p. 11

Look at Gillian’s diary and write sentences about her plans for next week. Use the present continuous.

  1. On Monday morning she’s flying to Madrid.
  2. On Monday afternoon she’s having a meeting with Paulo.
  3. On Tuesday morning she’s taking train to Barcelona.
  4. On Tuesday afternoon she’s watching a football match at Camp Nou stadium.
  5. On Wednesday morning she’s flying back to London.

Complete the sentences. Use a verb from the list and the correct form of going to. Then match them to the pictures.

  1. We’re going to see a play tonight. I’ve got the tickets.
  2. The car’s broken down. We ‘re not going to visit Grandma today.
  3. I’m going to make a curry tonight. I’ve just bought all the ingredients.
  4. Sue is going to study Maths at Bristol University in September.
  5. Paul has hurt his leg. He isn’t going to ski today.
  6. They are selling their house. They’re going to move to London.

Rewrite the sentences in Exercise 8 using the correct future tense.

  1. I’m playing tennis at 10 o’clock.
  2. I’m phoning the dentist and making an appointment to see him this afternoon.
  3. People are living on the moon one day? Yes, definitely.
  4. We’re deciding where to stay in London –the Ritz hotel.
  5. I’ve deciding what to do next year-travel around the world.
  6. My dad, is letting me go to the party? No way!

Complete the sentences with a verb from the list in the correct form.

  1. We’ll have a party next weekend, do you want to come?
  2. I think Real Madrid wins tonight.
  3. My brother will go to university next week. He’s packing at the moment.
  4. I will not go to this party later because I have to study for tomorrow’s exam.
  5. We think you are having a great time on holiday.
  6. Maybe I will see you there.

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